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Selecting compliant packaging for hazardous materials is the responsibility of the shipper and requires a deep understanding of regulatory and testing requirements. Recognizing that customers might not have this expertise on staff, our team of specialists can help navigate the selection process or engineer the right packaging for each customer’s distinct needs.

Some of the most common mistakes with hazardous materials compliance include:

  • Incorrect labeling of materials
  • Not recognizing that a material is hazardous
  • Lack of awareness of how a substance must be handled
  • Failure to recognize unique packaging requirements depending upon the mode of transportation
  • Lack of accurate information about who to contact in the event of an emergency

Customers have long come to Pipeline Packaging for packaging suited to meet their precise hazmat needs. Appreciating the complexity of these needs, we recently expanded our capabilities when Hazmatpac was acquired by our company. Pipeline Packaging's Hazmatpac brings over 30 years of expertise in UN Certified hazardous material packaging, compliance, safety, and quality.

We’re excited to make these additional products and resources available to Pipeline Packaging customers. Whether it is a .5 oz container or a 55-gallon drum, each product sold is UN Certified hazardous material packaging and subjected to the most rigorous third-party testing in the industry. In addition, our company has accessories in nearly one dozen categories ranging from chemical salvage and storage, ring locks for friction lid paint cans to spill clean-up supplies.

With customer service at the heart of it all, our passion is ensuring that you get the right solution for your selecting compliant packaging for hazardous materials. The team at Pipeline can help navigate the selection process to each distinct need. Pipeline is here to help, reach out on our Contact Us form or reach out at 877-242-1880 for your hazardous packaging questions.

Browse our sister company Hazmatpac Products or Download their entire catalog today.

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