Specialized Packaging Solutions for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Products

Pipeline Packaging specializes in providing safe and stylish packaging solutions specifically designed for cannabis and hemp products, ensuring the utmost quality and compliance with safety standards.

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Markets Served

Pipeline Packaging caters to a diverse array of markets with its innovative, safe, and stylish CBD, hemp, and cannabis packaging solutions. We serve a variety of sectors to provide products that meet the unique needs and legal standards of each market of the following:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pet Care
  • Retail
  • Textile and Fashion
  • Agricultural
  • Research and Development

Types of CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis Packaging

Pipeline is your go-to solution for all your Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD packaging needs, offering a comprehensive array of both standard and customizable packaging options. Our products cater to various sectors including retail, agricultural, research, and health and wellness, ensuring quality and compliance in each. These solutions include:


Cannabis Packaging - Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles & Jars

  • PET & Glass Bottles
  • Glass Vials
  • Round and Square Glass Bottles

Caps, Pumps, & Sprayers

  • Child-Resistant Caps
  • Dispensing Pumps
  • Threaded Caps
  • Sprayers
  • Tinctures

HDPE Drums & Pails

  • HDPE Tight Head Drums
  • HDPE Open Head Drums
  • HDPE Open Head Nestable Drums
  • HDPE Open Head Pails

Plastic Bottles & Jars  

  • F-Style
  • PET Wide Mouth Jars
  • Straight Sided Jars
  • PET Cosmos Bottles


  • Flower Jars
  • Cans and Toppers
  • Tins

Value-Added Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Packaging Services

At Pipeline, our mission extends beyond merely supplying cannabis, hemp, and CBD packaging; we aim to assist companies in optimizing processes, conserving resources, and expanding their presence in the market. We are committed to delivering services that add value and drive success for our clients in the competitive cannabis industry.

Pipeline enhances your experience by adopting a proactive approach, ensuring consistent product availability, facilitating investment in safe and compliant packaging, and providing exceptional customer service. These distinctive, value-added services position Pipeline as a genuine partner for addressing all your packaging necessities.

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Global Sourcing

Our partnerships with numerous global manufacturers empower us to procure quality, economical, safe, and compliant packaging solutions tailored for your cannabis, hemp, and CBD products.

Warehousing and Just-in-Time Delivery

Are you in search of easily accessible storage space and personalized delivery plans? With over a million square feet of warehouse space across the US, we ensure timely delivery of your diverse packaging needs.

Inventory Management

It’s important to maintain the optimal amount of inventory for your business. We protect your company with services like inventory classification, stocking stock programs, forecasting, and job sequencing.

Packaging Design

Shelf presence is essential for cannabis and hemp. Our design team can assist with minor modifications and completely custom packaging concepts.

Package Assembly and Decoration

Save internal time and resources with our in-house assembly and decoration services, such as container modification, labeling, and more.

Engineering and Testing

Our experts help you ensure the compatibility of your product and cannabis packaging through structural testing, compatibility analysis, and other key analyses for leak-proof containers and closures.

Pipeline Packaging is your ideal supplier for all your packaging needs, specializing in cannabis, hemp, and CBD products.

When seeking outstanding cannabis packaging with impactful shelf presence, Pipeline is the go-to supplier to ensure your success. We collaborate with you to enhance your products’ visibility on shelves, assemble packaging efficiently, and find solutions that align with your products and budget. Our diverse selection and specialized services make us the optimal partner for all your cannabis, hemp, and CBD packaging requirements.

Ready to work with a packaging supplier that helps you get the most value for your business? Contact Pipeline Packaging today to invest in the right solution for your packaging needs.

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