Discover Creativity and Safety with Your Childproof Packaging

Childproof packaging is critical for manufacturers, packaging experts, and parents as an extra layer of security in preventing young children from accessing harmful chemicals and substances. Many industries utilize child-resistant packaging, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cleaning products, and automotive materials.

Recently, the cannabis industry is sparking conversation in childproof packaging. As legislation continues to get passed, cannabis is becoming a rapidly expanding industry with medicinal use legalized in 38 states and recreational use legalized in 24 states.

The American Academy of Pediatrics conducted a study measuring rates of pediatric acute toxicity from edible cannabis exposure between 2017 and 2021. In comparison to 2017, the findings revealed a 1,375% increase in cases in 2021. As an industry, cannabis has presented a unique challenge to child-resistant packaging due to its numerous forms, from traditional cigarettes to vapors, topicals, beverages, and edibles, which children are most likely to consume by accident.

Numbers like these have incited a growing need for more creative, flexible, and secure childproof packaging options for this industry and many others.

Child-resistant packaging from the beginning

Motivated to stop the overwhelming number of children poisoned from ingesting adult medications, Dr. Henri Breault developed the first locking closure cap in the 1960s. His design is now a regular component of prescription bottles and it opened the door to numerous other childproof packaging inventions.

Childproof Packaging

The United States government passed the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 to require this special packaging to make it difficult for children under five to access toxic substances.

While Dr. Breault is credited as the mind behind modern child preventative packaging, some University of Texas San Antonio archaeologists argue the Mayans may have beat him to the punch. In 1986, the group uncovered what is believed to be the first recorded childproof packaging. Discovered among the ruins was an ancient pot with a locking lid. Inside was a substance of immense religious importance: chocolate.

Though the ancient packaging wasn’t guarding a toxic chemical, it still reveals that the need to keep materials out of the hands of just anyone has always been a concern plaguing mankind.

Getting creative with your protective packaging

Whether it originated with a Canadian doctor or the Mayans, childproof packaging has continued evolving with users’ needs. Today’s available packaging offers solutions that deliver unique creativity while providing much-needed safety.

Cap closures are the most common way to make packaging child-resistant. This category alone presents numerous options for many producers, from prescriptions to pesticides to cleaners, and more. Push-and-turn, rim-snap, squeeze-and-turn, and squeeze-and-pull closures all obstruct contact with children while granting adults access to product as needed. For example, certain variations like EZ-Safe® caps can provide the same level of difficulty for children while simultaneously making it easier for older generations to access necessary medications.

For highly sensitive or potentially toxic substances, childproof packaging may include a liner or seal in addition to the bottle caps. Liners and seals preserve the freshness of the product, prevent leaks, create easy ventilation, and act as tamper evidence.

Child-resistant packaging has innovated beyond its roots in rigid containers. The emergence of secure track and slider closures have extended these protective capabilities to flexible packaging options. Like cannabis, the cleaning chemicals industry stirred this innovation to combat the rising number of children consuming individual detergent and soap pods.

Achieve safety (with some added benefits)

Following in Dr. Breault’s design, the primary purpose of childproof packaging is safety. With the plethora of choices available, you can find a packaging solution that not only keeps product out of the hands of children, but also maintains manageable accessibility for adult users.

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Pipeline Packaging brings limitless expertise

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