Cowboy Cubic Yard Box, Black w/ Extended Liner, UN Rated 11HG2W/Y & 11HG2W/X

Products specifications
UN Rating11HG2W/Y & 11HG2W/X
Pallet Qty25
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing the Cowboy Cubic Yard Box, a robust and versatile storage solution designed to meet a range of industrial needs. This box, distinguished by its black color and equipped with an extended liner, is engineered for both strength and convenience. With its UN Ratings of 11HG2W/Y & 11HG2W/X, it signifies compliance with stringent safety standards, making it suitable for transporting and storing a variety of materials, including hazardous substances. Its cubic yard size ensures ample space for bulk storage, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring large-capacity, secure containment solutions.

The Cowboy Cubic Yard Box’s extended liner adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding contents against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. This feature is particularly beneficial for sensitive materials that require a controlled environment. The box’s durable construction and design make it suitable for heavy-duty applications, including use in chemical, pharmaceutical, and construction industries. Its black color not only gives it a professional appearance but also helps in minimizing the visibility of stains and marks.

One of the key benefits of this cubic yard box is its UN Rating, which certifies its safety and reliability for transporting hazardous goods. The ratings 11HG2W/Y & 11HG2W/X indicate its suitability for a range of solid and liquid materials, offering flexibility and peace of mind to businesses that prioritize compliance and safety. This makes the Cowboy Cubic Yard Box an essential tool for companies dealing with transport and storage of regulated substances.

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