8 oz Flint Glass Straight Side Jar, 70-400 Neck Finish

Products specifications
Capacity8 oz
Neck Finish70-400
Case Qty24
Pallet Qty3888
Country of OriginIndia

The 8 oz Flint Glass Straight Side Jar, boasting a 70-400 Neck Finish, is a quintessential choice for a multitude of packaging needs. Sold in cases of 24, this jar is ideal for businesses and individuals looking for a high-quality, versatile container. Its clear flint glass construction not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides a durable and reliable packaging solution. The straight side design is perfect for easy labeling and branding, making it a popular choice across various industries.

This jar's capacity is suitable for a wide range of products, including gourmet foods, beauty creams, pharmaceuticals, and more. The clear glass allows for easy visibility of the contents, enhancing the appeal and practicality for consumers. Whether used for specialty foods or personal care items, this jar brings a professional and polished look to any product.

The 70-400 neck finish of this jar is especially beneficial, as it offers a wide opening for easy filling and dispensing. This feature is particularly useful for products that require a spoon or a brush for application. The wide neck also facilitates easier cleaning and reuse of the jar, aligning with sustainable practices.

Understanding the diverse needs of customers, this jar does not come with a pre-fitted closure, allowing for a customized sealing solution from our extensive range of caps and closures. This flexibility ensures the packaging meets specific product requirements and aesthetic preferences. For those interested in the 8 oz Flint Glass Straight Side Jar, it can be added to a Wishlist for easy ordering. Further customization options, such as additional colors and neck finishes, are available upon request. Our customer service team can be contacted at 877.242.1880 for any inquiries or assistance, ensuring that each customer finds the perfect packaging solution for their needs.

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