70 MM, Natural PE Plastic Screw Cap 6TPI SC76R , White EPDM Gasket, 6TPI,SC76R, 3/4 Knockout & PVTFE1 Vent

Products specifications
Neck Finish70 mm
Weight0.098 lbs
Case Qty250
Country of OriginUSA

Looking for a reliable and versatile screw cap for your packaging needs? Look no further than Pipeline Packaging's 70 MM Natural PE Plastic Screw Cap with 6TPI SC76R. This top-of-the-line screw cap, available for separate purchase, is designed to offer an impeccable seal and unparalleled durability.

Our 70 MM screw cap is crafted from high-grade natural PE plastic, ensuring a robust and eco-friendly solution for various applications. The cap features a 6-thread-per-inch (6TPI) configuration, making it suitable for a wide range of containers, ensuring a secure fit every time. Additionally, the SC76R model is equipped with a White EPDM gasket, enhancing its sealing capabilities against leaks and contamination, thus preserving the integrity of your products.

One of the unique aspects of this screw cap is the integrated 3/4 Knockout feature, which allows for easy customization and the addition of dispensing or venting solutions. The PVTFE1 Vent further elevates the functionality of this cap, allowing for controlled venting and pressure equalization in containers, making it ideal for volatile or sensitive contents.

Whether you're in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or any sector requiring reliable container sealing solutions, our 70 MM Natural PE Plastic Screw Cap is your go-to option. Pipeline Packaging is committed to providing top-notch packaging components. Visit us for all your screw cap needs. Contact us at 877.242.1880 or fill out our online request form for a quote. Let us help you secure your products with quality and confidence.

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