6 Liter CurTec Wide Neck Drum HDPE Plastic Open Head Drum w/ Red Screw Top Cover, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity6 l
StyleScrew Top Drum
UN Rating1H2/X20/S
Weight0.92594 lbs
Pallet Qty240
Country of OriginUSA

The UN Rated 6 Liter CurTec Wide Neck Drum HDPE Plastic Open Head Drum, featuring a red screw top cover, is a versatile and efficient storage solution, especially suitable for pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and food ingredients. Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this drum is designed to reduce costs and space required for storing and shipping empty packaging, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations. Its white color, accented with a red lid.

With a capacity of 6 liters (1.6 US gallons), CurTec's drum is perfect for small to medium storage needs. The dimensions, including a diameter opening of 136 mm and a drum diameter of 198 mm, are thoughtfully designed to enhance accessibility and convenience. The total height of 263 mm makes it compact and space-efficient, ideal for environments where space is limited. The large opening facilitates the easy insertion and removal of liners, enhancing operational efficiency in busy settings. Additionally, the rubber gasket in the drum lid provides leak-tightness, crucial for the safe storage of liquids.

Safety and quality are key aspects of all CurTec's drums. It is UN certified (1H2) for solids, indicating its adherence to stringent safety standards for the transportation of hazardous materials. The low moisture vapor transmission rate is essential for protecting contents from humidity, ensuring they remain dry and uncontaminated. The drum's tamper-evident design adds an extra layer of security, maintaining the safety and integrity of the contents.

The drum's sustainable and reusable nature aligns with environmental conservation efforts, minimizing waste and supporting eco-friendly practices.

For businesses in need of a reliable and user-friendly drum solution, the 6 Liter Wide Neck Drum HDPE Plastic Open Head Drum is an excellent choice. With a pallet quantity of 360 units, it is suitable for both small and large-scale storage needs. Pipeline Packaging provides comprehensive support for this product line, with customer service representatives available at 877.242.1880 and an online request for quote form, ensuring that you receive all the necessary assistance and guidance for your packaging requirements.

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