55 Gallon Blue HDPE Plastic Tight Head Drum, 2" Buttress & 2" NPT, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
Fittings2" Buttress & 2" NPT
UN Rating1H1/Y1.9/150 OR Y1.4/100 VENT
Weight24 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

The 55 Gallon Blue HDPE Plastic Tight Head Drum, meticulously crafted in the USA, flaunts a robust design equipped with 2" Buttress & 2" NPT fittings, and it is UN Rated, marking compliance with stringent safety standards. This drum is perfect for storing and transporting a variety of substances securely and efficiently. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it promises durability, resistance against chemicals, and high tensile strength, making it an ideal choice for industries dealing in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and more.

Its tight head configuration minimizes the risk of leakage, ensuring safe containment of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. The high-quality, precision-engineered fittings ensure secure closure and easy access. The vibrant blue color allows for clear visibility and easy identification of contents, facilitating seamless inventory management.

This American-made, premium-quality HDPE drum represents a superior and reliable choice for diverse storage and transport applications. Whether you seek long-lasting storage solutions or a safe transportation medium for your products, this 55-gallon drum stands out as a top contender, blending quality, safety, and functionality. The UN Rating further assures adherence to international standards, reinforcing its credibility and reliability in various industrial domains.

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