55 Gallon Black HDPE Plastic Tight Head Drum, 2" & 3/4" Fittings

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
StyleTight Head
Fittings2" & 3/4" Fitting
Country of OriginUSA

Pipeline Packaging proudly presents the 55 Gallon Black HDPE Plastic Tight Head Drum, a testament to American engineering and craftsmanship. Made in the USA, this drum is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring durability and resilience against a variety of substances. The 2" & 3/4" fittings further emphasize its adaptability, catering to diverse usage scenarios and offering ease in filling and dispensing.

Tight head drums, especially those crafted from HDPE, are the preferred choice for numerous industries. From the chemical sector, where they store solvents and industrial chemicals, to the food and beverage industry, where they keep liquids uncontaminated, these drums are paramount. Additionally, the cosmetics and personal care industry values the tight head design for preserving the integrity of lotions, creams, and other liquid products. The black exterior provides an added layer of protection against UV rays, ensuring the contents remain uncompromised.

Choose Pipeline Packaging for all your tight head drum requirements. With our commitment to delivering only the best, our drums stand out not just in quality but also in performance. Entrust your storage and transport needs to a company that understands the nuances of diverse industries and crafts solutions to match.

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