55 Gallon Arco Blue Unlined Steel Tight Head Reconditioned Drum, 3/4" & 2" Fitting

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
Weight40 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

The 55 Gallon Arco Blue Unlined Steel Tight Head Reconditioned Drum is a versatile and durable solution for various storage and transport needs. Its unlined interior makes it suitable for a wide range of contents, particularly for liquids, chemicals, and other materials that require secure containment. The drum’s 3/4" and 2" fittings provide flexibility and ease in filling and dispensing, enhancing its functionality in industrial and commercial applications. Its reconditioned nature not only makes it an economical choice but also an environmentally friendly option, aligning with sustainable practices.

The distinct Arco blue color of the drum offers practical advantages. This vibrant hue enhances visibility and identification, which is critical in environments where multiple substances are stored and handled. The color coding can be integral to safety protocols, aiding in quick recognition and proper handling of the contents. Furthermore, the blue color adds an aesthetic appeal, which can be beneficial for businesses that value the presentation of their storage facilities.

Opting for a tight head drum over an open head drum is advantageous in certain applications. The tight head design ensures a more secure seal, making it ideal for transporting liquids, especially hazardous or volatile substances. This design minimizes the risk of spills and leaks during handling and transit, providing an added layer of safety. Additionally, tight head drums are typically easier to stack and store, saving valuable space in warehouses and shipping containers. Their streamlined shape also makes them more efficient for transport, reducing costs and environmental impact.

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