5 Gallon White Steel Tight Head Steel Pail, Gold Phenolic Lined, w/ Rieke Fitting, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
StyleTight Head
FittingsRieke Prep
UN Rating1A1/Y2.2
Pallet Qty48/36
Country of OriginMexico

The 5 Gallon White Steel Tight Head Pail, elegantly lined with Gold Phenolic and equipped with a Rieke Fitting, is a premium offering from Pipeline Packaging. This UN Rated pail is tailored for industries that demand the highest level of protection and durability for their products. The white exterior not only gives it a clean, professional look but also serves as an ideal canvas for branding and labeling. The tight head design ensures a secure, leak-proof container, essential for maintaining the purity of the contents and preventing spillage during handling and transport.

Gold Phenolic lining in this 5-gallon steel pail is particularly noteworthy for its chemical resistance properties. It is an ideal choice for storing and transporting a variety of contents, including high-acidity foods, aggressive chemicals, and other sensitive materials. The gold phenolic lining acts as a barrier, protecting the contents from reacting with the steel, thereby ensuring the safety and integrity of both the pail and its contents. This makes it an invaluable tool in industries such as food processing, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

The use of a Rieke fitting in this steel pail is a testament to its quality and functionality. This fitting is designed for ease of access and secure sealing, further enhancing the safety and convenience of the pail. Its sturdy construction and secure closure system make it a reliable choice for transporting liquids and viscous materials.

For businesses looking for high-quality, durable, and reliable steel pail solutions, Pipeline Packaging's 5 Gallon White Steel Tight Head Pail is an exceptional choice. With its robust design, gold phenolic lining, and practical features, it meets a wide range of storage and transportation needs. Contact Pipeline Packaging's knowledgeable team at 877.242.1880 or start an online request for a quote to explore their comprehensive range of steel pail solutions, tailored to meet diverse packaging needs.

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