5 Gallon Black Open Head Steel Pail, Clear Phenolic Lined, w/ Black Ring Seal Cover, Un Rated

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
UN Rating1A2/Y1.8/100
Bead3" Double
LidRing Seal Cover
AccessoriesLever Lock Ring
Pallet Qty216
Country of OriginUSA

Discover the excellence and reliability of our 53945, 5 Gallon Black Open Head Steel Pail, enriched with Gold (clear) phenolic linings, acclaimed for their superior acid and solvent resistance. This pail is designed to hold products within a pH range of 3.0–7.0, making it unsuitable for alkaline products but ideal for a variety of substances including acid compounds, agricultural chemicals, corrosive chemicals, solvents, and more.

The gold phenolic linings, while less flexible than their red and green counterparts, are carefully cured to exhibit strong adhesion, making them a perfect choice for housing food products, essential oils, petroleum products, nitrocellulose lacquers, and inks, ensuring the preservation of product integrity and quality.

For added convenience and secure handling, the pail comes with a metal handle fitted with a plastic grip, combined with a 3" double bead and an EPDM gasket for optimal sealing when used with a Ring/Seal Cover, providing an unmatched level of security for the contents housed within.

Explore this multifunctional pail and its advanced features with us, for tailored, robust packaging solutions.

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Ref #: 53945