5 Gallon Black HDPE Regrind Open Head Pail w/ Metal Handle

Products specifications
Capacity5 gal
StyleOpen Head Nested
MarkingsChild Warning Label (Gold)
HandleMetal Bail
Pallet Qty240
Country of OriginUSA

Industrial pails like this 5-gallon black HDPE regrind open head are a popular selection when packaging a wide range of products. Pails are an excellent solution when your needs require more storage than a quart-size paint can, but less than a full industrial drum. Built with a round construction, the 57280 maximizes internal storage while maintaining a balanced bottom to prevent tipping. The 5-gallon black HDPE regrind open head delivers more efficiency to your operation through its nested design, which allows for easy stacking when the pail is not in use.

If your operation requires regular access to materials, the open head style offers the necessary flexibility without sacrificing protection against spills and leaks. Though this pail does not include a lid, Pipeline carries an extensive inventory of closures as well as closed head options to suit your specific needs. The 5-gallon black HDPE regrind open head also comes equipped with a metal bail handle to assist in handling. Depending on your operation, this packaging solution comes with a gold child warning label as an extra safety compliance measure.

Made in the USA, this pail’s other significant feature is its black HDPE construction. HDPE plastic’s rigid chemical composition makes it strong and sturdy while maintaining a lighter weight than its metal counterparts. This strength-to-density ratio increases the 5-gallon black HDPE regrind open head’s overall impact resistance. Beyond its fortifying nature, HDPE, as a thermoplastic, is an incredibly versatile material that can withstand extreme temperatures hot and cold alike. As a plastic solution, this pail can resist corrosion, especially water damage like mold and mildew. The 57280 is manufactured using regrind HDPE, meaning the material includes a mix of reprocessed scrap resin alongside virgin resin. The combination between regrind and virgin resins makes this pail a sustainable option without sacrificing quality packaging.

Due to the large variety available, this 5-gallon bucket does not come with a cover. Add this HDPE Pail to your Wishlist and then check out our wide selection of covers.

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