4 Liter White HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle, 38-400 Neck Size, 155 gram, Fluorinated Level 5

Products specifications
Capacity4 l
Neck Finish38-400
Weight0.3414 lbs
Pallet Qty360
Country of OriginUSA

The 4 Liter White HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle, with a robust 38-400 Neck Size and weighing 155 grams, represents the pinnacle of packaging innovation, especially with its Fluorinated Level 5 treatment. This bottle is specifically designed to cater to a broad spectrum of industries, from automotive and industrial chemicals to household cleaners and agricultural products.

A standout feature of this bottle is its Level 5 Fluorination, the highest available, offering unparalleled protection against permeation, product weight loss, and odor emission. This advanced treatment makes the bottle ideal for storing and transporting substances that are highly volatile or sensitive to contamination, ensuring product integrity and safety. The fluorination process also significantly enhances the bottle's chemical resistance, making it suitable for harsher compounds without compromising the container's structure or appearance.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the bottle combines exceptional durability with a lightweight design. The 155-gram HDPE material ensures that the bottle is tough enough to handle rigorous use and transport, while still being easy to handle. This balance is particularly beneficial for products that require frequent handling or are distributed in large quantities.

The F-Style design of the bottle, characterized by its rectangular shape and handle on one side, ensures efficient use of space and easy pouring, which is critical for industrial and commercial applications. The 38-400 neck size is compatible with a wide array of closures, allowing for customization based on the product's specific needs, whether it requires a simple cap or a more complex dispensing system.

While the 4 Liter White HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle does not come with a closure, customers have the freedom to choose from our extensive selection of caps and closures to find the perfect match for their product. Additionally, options for different colors and neck finishes are available to meet specific branding and usage requirements. Customers interested in this bottle can add it to their Wishlist and explore the available customization options. For further information or to place an order, they are encouraged to call 877.242.1880. With its advanced fluorination, durable construction, and versatile design, this bottle is an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a high-quality, reliable packaging solution.

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