3/4" Rieke Metal Visegrip II, S-200, Trivalent Plated, w/ White GV-41W Buna Gasket

Products specifications
Neck Finish3/4"
Weight0.076 lbs
Case Qty1000
Pallet Qty13500
Country of OriginUSA

The 3/4" Rieke Steel Plug Visegrip II, S-200, featuring Trivalent Plating with a White GV-41W Buna Gasket, is an innovative solution tailored for secure sealing of steel drums. Its nominal dimensions of 3/4"-14 NPS make it a versatile choice for various industrial applications. Designed to enhance the safety and integrity of your contents, this drum plug is engineered for reliability and durability. Its trivalent plated finish not only provides resistance against corrosion but also ensures a high-quality appearance over time, making it a dependable choice for businesses prioritizing both function and form.

Equipped with the White GV-41W Buna Gasket, the S-200 VGII drum plug guarantees an airtight seal, protecting your products from contamination and leakage. The inclusion of this gasket enhances the plug's compatibility with a wide range of substances, offering flexibility across different sectors. Whether it's for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food and beverage applications, this drum plug with its superior sealing capability ensures that your products remain secure and uncontaminated during storage and transport.

The design of the 3/4" Rieke Steel Plug Visegrip II is meticulously crafted for user convenience. Its rounded bottom and hexagonal shape facilitate easy opening and closing, eliminating the need for additional tools like wrenches. This user-friendly feature underscores the plug's innovative design, emphasizing ease of use without compromising on security or efficiency. The Visegrip II plugs are celebrated for their balance, uniformity, and high-quality finish, reflecting a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in every aspect.

For those seeking dependable drum accessory solutions, Pipeline Packaging stands ready to assist with a comprehensive selection of products like the 3/4" Rieke Steel Plug Visegrip II, S-200. With expert guidance available at 877.242.1880, customers can find the perfect fit for their packaging needs.Our dedication to offering top-quality drum plugs and accessories ensures that businesses across various industries can secure their products with confidence, benefitting from the blend of innovation, quality, and service excellence that defines our offerings.

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