30 Gallon Blue Plastic HDPE Open Head Straight Side Drum, w/ Cover, 2" Buttress & 3/4" NPS Bolt Rind, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity30 gal
Fittings2" Buttress & 3/4" NPS
UN Rating1H2/Y180/S
AccessoriesBolt Ring
Weight14.7 lbs
Pallet Qty10
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing the 30 Gallon Blue Plastic HDPE Open Head Straight Side Drum – the paramount choice for a multitude of industries and applications. Expertly crafted in the USA, this drum is an indispensable asset for sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, and petrochemicals, offering unmatched storage solutions.

Constructed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), its durability makes it perfect for the storage and transport of liquids, pastes, or solid substances. The robust design features a secure cover, a 2" Buttress, and a 3/4" NPS Bolt Ring, ensuring its contents remain uncontaminated, and meeting the stringent standards to be UN Rated.

Whether you're in agriculture, manufacturing, or any other industry requiring top-notch storage solutions, this drum is your go-to. And for businesses needing quick stock replenishment or immediate project implementation, our JIT (Just In Time) delivery options are a boon. Enjoy the convenience of direct ship for a hassle-free procurement experience.

From cosmetics to hazardous materials, from paints to foodstuffs, our 30 Gallon Blue Plastic Drum adapts to your needs, guaranteeing safety and reliability. Invest in the best storage solution tailored for diverse applications. Secure yours today with Pipeline Packaging at 877.242.1880.

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