Products specifications
Capacity2.5-7 gal
LiningRust Inhibitor
Weight0.9583 lbs
Case Qty30
Country of OriginUSA

When you choose Pipeline Packaging, you receive the ultimate level of customization from the main receptacle down to closures like this White Inhibited Steel Lug Cover. Pipeline’s unique position as a distributer brings you modified palletizing, custom design packaging, just-in-time delivery, and the breadth of choice at competitive pricing. In terms of closures alone, Pipeline carries everything you need from bottle caps, to can lids, and even heavy-duty steel lug covers like the 55428.

Made in the USA, this White Inhibited Steel Lug Cover pairs well with steel pails ranging from an internal volume capacity between 2.5 and 7-gallons. While steel pails are compatible with other closure styles such as lever locking rings, lug covers provide an even sturdier seal with each individual tab tightly crimped to the opening of the pail. Please note that a crimper tool must be purchased separately from this closure. Lug covers, in comparison to other closure styles, create a tight head fit to any pail of your choosing.

The White Inhibited Steel Lug Cover also comes outfitted with a Rieke fitting. Formed using HDPE plastic as well as tamper evident protection, the Rieke fitting provides an outlet for safe extraction or insertion of product into the pail. Besides the fitting, this cover also includes a flow in gasket. As a final special feature, the closure is protected with a rust inhibitor lining, which increases its overall lifespan.

Like all Pipeline Packaging solutions, the White Inhibited Steel Lug Cover is not only meant to exceed customer expectations, but also regulatory requirements. As one of Pipeline’s many offerings, the White Inhibited Steel Lug Cover is UN-Rated.

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SKU: P116571
Ref #: 55428