20 Liter White HDPE Plastic Pail Lid

Products specifications
Capacity20 l
Case Qty240
Pallet Qty1440
Country of OriginUSA

The versatile 20 liter White HDPE plastic pail lid serves a multitude of purposes across various industries. From storing and transporting liquids to organizing and safeguarding goods, its durability and robustness make it an indispensable asset. This lid is usesd with buckets with food processing, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, and beyond.

The benefits of choosing HDPE covers are abundant. The material's strength and resistance to chemicals, impacts, and extreme temperatures guarantee prolonged usability. Its lightweight nature ensures easy handling, while its recyclability underlines your commitment to sustainability. Plus, the opaque design protects light-sensitive contents from UV exposure.

Our 20 Liter White HDPE Plastic Pail Lid offers a seamless fit for your HDPE plastic pail, both proudly crafted in the USA. Turn to Seek Pipeline's seasoned sales team for expert guidance, and explore the wide-ranging applications and advantages of HDPE buckets. Experience durability, versatility, and reliability like never before with our premium packaging solutions.

This 20 Liter White HDPE Plastic Pail Lid crafted with precision, this top-quality lid is designed to perfectly complement your HDPE plastic pail. Sold separately for your convenience, it's an essential addition to your packaging solutions. Our expert sales team at Seek Pipeline is dedicated to guiding you towards the ideal packaging options for your plastic bucket requirements. With their profound knowledge and experience, you can expect tailored recommendations that ensure your packaging needs are met efficiently. Fill out the request for a quote form or call 877.242.1880 today.

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