20 Liter UN-Rated Cubitainer Assembled with Dust Cap and Liner

Products specifications
Capacity20 l
Neck Finish38 mm
UN Rating4G/Y32/S
HandleDie Cut Handle
CapCap w/ Dust Cap
Weight1395 g
Case Qty48
Case Weight145 lbs
Pallet Qty48
Country of OriginUSA

When looking for a more efficient packaging or storage alternative, you can trust that Pipeline Packaging has the answer. As an employee-owned company experienced with providing the best and most affordable products, Pipeline Packaging understands its consumers’ needs for practical and efficient solutions to storage and distribution.

Pipeline Packaging holds an expansive catalog of packaging alternatives such as this 20-liter Un-Rated Cubitainer® assembled with a dust cap and liner. This Un-Rated Cubitainer with a dust cap and liner is constructed using a durable, yet flexible, LDPE pouch and is externally fortified with a square corrugated carton. The dust cap, a measure of protection against dust collection within the product, rests flat on the top of the Cubitainer, making it easy to stow away.

Cubitainers are an excellent option for storage and distribution for several reasons. Their sleek square shape makes stacking seamless whether in a truck or in a warehouse. Manufactured out of cardboard and plastic, the Un-Rated Cubitainer with a dust cap and liner is incredibly lightweight and the structure is collapsible, meaning transporting and storage is not only easier, but more affordable. Cubitainers are also an environmentally sustainable as they lower the need for plastic. In the same vein, Cubitainers, like the un-rated Cubitainer® with a dust cap and liner, maximize shipping space which in turn can lower carbon emissions with a decrease in the amount of transportation needed to move products.

The 20-liter un-rated Cubitainer® assembled with a dust cap and liner can effectively store a range of different products, from liquids, to gels, and chemicals. Considered food-grade certified by the FDA, this product is also approved for food storage. To customize your Cubitainer order to suit your specific needs, please contact one of our experts.

For questions, specifications, or details about customizing this 20-liter UN-rated Cubitainer® assembled with a dust cap and liner, reach out on our contact us form, or select one of the options below and add it to our Quote Request form.

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