2" White XT-3 Metal Capseal

Products specifications
Neck Finish2" (50 mm)
Case Qty500
Country of OriginUSA

Secure your products with our 2" White Metal Capseals, premium tamper-evident overcaps created to add additional security against product contamination and tampering. Made in the USA, these high-quality capseals are the quintessential solution for industrial chemicals, acting as a secondary seal to drum plug systems and protecting against infiltration from water, dirt, and debris.

Suitable for 30 & 55-gallon drums, these capseals offer unparalleled protection, particularly vital for industries dealing with sensitive or hazardous materials. Each case contains 500 durable and reliable capseals, ensuring that industrial chemicals and other products remain pure and uncontaminated, safeguarding the integrity of the contents within.

Discover the assistance you require with metal capseals at Pipeline Packaging at 877.242.1880.

Whether you operate in the pharmaceutical, food, or chemical sectors, trust in the robust construction of our 2" (50mm) White Metal Capseals to meet your packaging and protection needs. Opt for our capseals to provide your end-users with the assurance of quality and originality, and elevate the security of your products with our premium, best-in-class sealing solutions. Secure your industrial chemicals and protect against product tampering with our meticulously designed capseals.

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