1.75 Liter Flint Glass Classic Handle Bottle, 33-360 Neck Finish

Products specifications
Capacity1.75 l
Neck Finish33-360
Case Qty6
Pallet Qty504
Country of OriginUSA

The 1.75 Liter Flint Glass Classic Handle Bottle, featuring a 33-360 Neck Finish, is a remarkable combination of elegance and functionality, perfect for a variety of uses. Sold in convenient cases of six, this bottle is an exceptional choice for both commercial and personal applications. Its substantial 1.75-liter capacity makes it ideal for beverages, including spirits, oils, or syrups, as well as for decorative purposes or as a unique storage solution. The classic design, highlighted by the transparent flint glass, offers a premium look, showcasing contents in a visually appealing manner. The inclusion of a handle adds practicality, ensuring ease of use and transport.

This bottle's 33-360 neck finish is specially designed to accommodate a wide range of closures, allowing for airtight sealing and preserving the freshness and quality of the contents. While the package doesn't include a closure, this opens up possibilities for customization. Customers can choose from our extensive selection of caps and closures to find the perfect match for their specific needs. This flexibility is further enhanced by the availability of additional colors and neck finishes, catering to diverse preferences and branding requirements.

For those interested in the 1.75 Liter Flint Glass Classic Handle Bottle, it's easy to add this product to your Wishlist and explore the variety of compatible closures. For further customization options or any queries, our customer service team is readily available at 877.242.1880, dedicated to providing you with the best packaging solutions to suit your unique requirements. This blend of classic design, customization, and practicality makes these bottles a superb choice for a wide range of applications.

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