14.5 Gallon Kraft Fiber Drum w/ Rocon Kraft Fiber Slip On Cover, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity14.5 gal
StyleOpen Head
UN Rating1G/X71/S
LidRocon Fiber Slip On Cover
Weight12.5 lbs
Pallet Qty27
Country of OriginUSA

The 14.5 Gallon Kraft Ro-Con Fiber Drum with Rocon Kraft Fiber Slip On Cover is a cost-effective, space-saving solution for shipping dry and solid products. Manufactured by Greif, this unique drum stands out for its all-fiber construction and innovative square shape. This design makes the drum ideal for maximizing storage volume while maintaining low tare weight and cubage, allowing for efficient transportation and stacking.

The Ro-Con Fiber Drum offers a range of features to enhance its utility. Its durability ensures safe transport and storage of goods, while its stackable design reduces storage and shipping costs. The drum is also suitable for automated handling, making it a practical choice for streamlined operations. Additionally, the exterior can be easily decorated or labeled, enabling businesses to customize the drum to reflect their branding.

Pipeline Packaging offers a comprehensive range of capacities, sizes, and weights of Kraft drums, providing versatile solutions for various shipping needs. By consulting Pipeline Packaging, businesses can choose the perfect drum to meet their specific requirements. The 14.5 Gallon Kraft Ro-Con Fiber Drum with Rocon Kraft Fiber Slip On Cover combines durability, convenience, and adaptability, making it an essential option for efficient shipping and storage.
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