1 Gallon Hybrid Paint Black Can, w/ Ears, 610 x 712 (Bulk Pallet)

Products specifications
Capacity1 gal
Dimensions6-5/8 in Dia x 7-3/4 in H
Weight0.24 lbs
Pallet Qty318
Pallet Weight126 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing the 1 Gallon Hybrid Paint Black Can, the epitome of American-made quality and functional design. Specifically crafted with a unique "w/ Ears" feature, this black can ensures optimal storage for paints and related liquids. Boasting a 6 5/8" diameter and a height of 7 3/4", its size is perfect for significant projects or long-term storage. While it's designed without a handle or lid, giving users flexibility, its solid build guarantees the utmost protection for its contents.

Versatility is key. This Hybrid Black Can serves a multitude of uses and applications, from storing paints and varnishes to other liquid solutions. It's an indispensable tool for professionals seeking a reliable and sturdy container for their work materials.

Many industries recognize the unmatched quality of our Hybrid Black Paint Can. Whether it's the automotive sector, construction, arts and crafts, or marine industries, this can is trusted for its durability and design.

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