1 Gallon F-Style Metal Can, Unlined, 1 3/4" Delta, 610x907, 40/Case

Products specifications
Capacity1 gal
Dimensions4-3/16 in L x 6-5/8 in W x 9-7/16 in H
Opening1 3/4" Delta, Off Center
Weight0.8 lbs
Case Qty40
Case Weight32 lbs
Pallet Qty640
Country of OriginUSA

This 1-3/4” Delta F-Style Can stands at the dimensions of 4-3/16” long by 6-5/8” wide by 9-7/16” high. These dimensions form a slender rectangular container with rounded edges to reach its full 1 gallon capacity. F-style cans are an excellent choice if you’re working with oils, paint thinners, lubricants, motor oils, turpentine, adhesives, insecticides, and a wide range of other liquids. The compact build makes the 45500 well-suited for tight storage and shipping. The flat bottom keeps the packaging balanced and prevents tipping.

Besides its efficient structure, the 1-3/4” Delta F-Style Can includes several special features. For easy handling, there is a stationary tin handle fastened to the top panel. It sits low with a flat arch as to not diminish its tight frame. Also situated on the top panel is an off-center 1-3/4” delta opening. While this packaging does not include a closure, Pipeline Packaging carries a broad selection to meet your precise packaging needs through our online inventory.

Made in the USA, the 1-3/4” Delta F-Style Can is fashioned using tin. With the light weight of plastic and durability of steel, tin presents a blend of qualities that makes for excellent packaging. Tin also brings its own unique properties, namely its ability to block moisture and preserve stored materials. This quality makes tin a popular choice for food products. Unlike steel, tin also resists chemical reactions, meaning it is not susceptible to corrosion. Made with a malleable material, this 1-3/4” Delta F-Style Can also protects your product from impact damage by bending affected areas back into place.

The 45500 is an unlined packaging solution, which gives you versatility with what you store. If your operation handles sensitive substances that require added protective linings, Pipeline Packaging provides a range of options.

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