1 Gallon F-Style Can, Unlined, 57 mm, 610x907 (Bulk Pallet)

Products specifications
Capacity1 gal
Dimensions4-3/16 in L x 6-5/8 in W x 9-7/16 in H
Opening57 mm, Off Center
Weight0.8 lbs
Pallet Qty720
Pallet Weight370 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

The 1-gallon unlined F-style can stands at 4-3/16 in length by 6-5/8 in width and 9-7/16 in height. The slender design makes the 45581 an efficient packaging solution for compact spaces. The flat rectangular bottom forms a stable base against tipping. The F-Style shape mixed with the can’s rounded edges also increases internal storage volume without taking up more external space.

The can’s tin construction augments its utility by providing the strength of its metal alternative with the lightweight quality of plastic. The malleability of tin prevents full breaks but can also be popped back into its original form. Compared to other materials, which may oxidize or dissolve over time, tin naturally resists corrosion, preserving your products better and for longer. Due to its recyclability, tin can also be an affordable choice for your strategy without sacrificing quality packaging.

Made in the USA, the 1-gallon unlined F-style can feature a 57 mm off-center opening, gives the ability to extract and insert product without potential leaks or spills. Though the 45581 does not include a closure, you can find one customized to your needs with Pipeline Packaging’s extensive inventory. The F-style can comes equipped with a handle fastened to the top panel for seamless handling. This packaging solution provides added flexibility as an unlined solution. Check out similar products on our website like the 1-gallon unlined F-style can with specific chemical linings.

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SKU: P116872
Ref #: 45581