1 Gallon Blue Tight Head Pail, Epoxy Phenolic Lined, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity1 gal
FittingsRieke Prep w/Dust Cap
UN Rating1A1/X1.5/250
LiningEpoxy Phenolic
Weight2 lbs
Pallet Qty175
Country of OriginUSA

This 1-Gallon Blue Tight Head Pail, Epoxy Phenolic Lined, UN Rated is manufactured using steel. While plastic pails are useful in many situations, steel carries the added benefit of a high temperature resistance, making it well suited for extreme hot and cold temperatures. Steel packaging also has a high tensile strength which can protect your product from any impact damage that may incur in storage or during shipping. Unlike plastic, steel is not porous, meaning it blocks forces such as light, moisture, or air from reaching stored materials. The Epoxy Phenolic Lined Tight Head Pail’s barrier-like quality is amplified by its opaque blue coloration. Similarly, the color makes this packaging standout wherever it’s stored.

Made in the USA, the 54215 arrives in a tight head style. While Pipeline provides open head pail selections, tight heads are a secure option for storing sensitive chemicals like lubricants, solvents, adhesives, thinners, and so much more. The round shape maximizes the internal volume while minimizing its external storage space. Round packaging also makes the Epoxy Phenolic Lined Tight Head Pail ideal for holding liquid products.

With a 1A1/X1.5/250 UN rating, this 1-Gallon Blue Tight Head pail comes with an epoxy phenolic lining. Epoxy phenolic can withstand a pH range from 7.0-9.0, meaning these linings pair well with alkaline materials such as detergents, emulsions, organic chemicals, and water-based resins. The presence of a lining prevents these materials from reacting with the steel. If your strategy requires a different lining, or even an unlined solution, the Epoxy Phenolic Lined Tight Head Pail is just one of the many selections provided by Pipeline Packaging.

Besides the accompanying lining, the 54215 comes equipped with an attached metal grip for easy handling. It also includes a Rieke prep with a dust cap. The additional closure provides another layer beyond the steel and color, to shield product from possible contaminants as well as preventing potential spillage.

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SKU: P102314
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