Who We Are


Please find below some of the mosrt frequently asked questions [FAQ] that we receive.

1. What are your hours of operation? Answer:
Sales offices are open Monday – Friday, 8 – 5. Warehouses are open Monday – Friday, 8 – 4. All are closed on weekends and major US holidays.
2. Do you have a catalog? Answer:
Rather than a printed catalog, we use an Online Product Locator that allows you to search for needed items, store them in a “briefcase” for future use, print PDF summaries and request quotes.
3. Is there a minimum order? Answer:
We ask our customers to respect a $500 minimum order to help keep labor costs reasonable.
4. Can I pick this order up today? Answer:
Yes, if we warehouse the item locally and the order is placed before noon that same day.
5. Can the order ship today? Answer:
Yes, if we warehouse the item locally and the order is placed before noon that same day.
6. Do you deliver? Answer:
We currently offer local delivery in the Atlanta and Cleveland markets.
7. Can you deliver to my home address? Answer:
Yes, but additional charges apply for residential deliveries.
8. Are the caps included with the bottles/jars? Answer:
As there are a wide variety of caps/closures to choose from, they are considered a separate item and not automatically included with the container.
9. Do I have to purchase caps by the case? Answer:
Caps can be ordered in the same quantity as the corresponding bottle purchase.
10. Can you recommend linings for my packaging? Answer:
We can assist in determining the needed lining, but you will still need to test it with your product.
11. What UN rating do I need for my packaging? Answer:
We will be happy to provide you with information regarding UN rating requirements. You are required by law to test your product with the packaging.
12. Who arranges/pays the freight? Answer:
We ask customers if they have a preferred carrier. Otherwise, we will PPA the freight if the customer does not have a carrier account, adding it to the invoice. FOB from shipping point.
13. Can I visit your showroom? Answer:
We do not maintain showrooms to visit, but would be happy to send you samples. Simply let us know what you are looking for.
14. Do you offer custom molds? Answer:
Yes! Please visit our Custom Packaging Molds page for additional details.
15. Why don’t you have pictures of all your products? Answer:
We have access to tens of thousands of products. Keeping up-to-date photos of every item would be a great challenge. With a little time, we can either secure a photo or send you a product sample.
16. Are your products manufactured in the U.S? Answer:
The majority of our products are made in the USA. We also have access to products made for the global market.
17. Why don’t you have pricing online? Answer:
Pricing is based, in part, on volume/usage amounts. Also, the base costs of steel, plastic and glass experience rapid changes. Any price listed online would need to be unnecessarily high in order to accommodate smaller, short-term orders. Contact us to obtain a more reasonable quote.
18. What are your payment terms and options? Answer:
We accept checks and credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover). Pending credit approval, we can invoice your company with Net-30 terms.
19. Where are you located? Answer:
Please visit our Site Locator for more detailed information regarding the location of our offices and warehouses.

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