Case Study

Warehousing and Just-in-Time Delivery See B’laster Running Smooth


Warehousing and Distribution

Pipeline Packaging utilizes over 450,000 square feet of warehouse space in locations throughout the US. Cost-effective warehousing and just-in-time delivery services are a significant benefit to many of our customers.

B’laster® – a leading producer of penetrants, lubricants and rust inhibitors – faced some costly challenges:

  • Expanding their warehouse space was now limiting critical production growth
  • Ordering packaging components through too many suppliers was creating significant cost and inventory control issues


B’laster asked if we could take on more of their product purchasing as well as warehousing and logistics. Pipeline now handles 40+ tinplate, pail, bottle, closure and aerosol valve SKUs. We warehouse these products and send material daily to their production plant.

Pipeline Packaging's recommendation of newer, stronger aerosol cans has impacted B'laster's appearance in the market.

Pipeline Packaging’s recommendation of newer, stronger aerosol cans has had a positive impact on B’laster’s appearance in the market.

In the process of working with B’laster’s packaging, Pipeline recommended a change to a newer, stronger aerosol can for several of their products. The change in packaging not only saved B’laster money; it created a monumental splash in their markets by updating the products’ look after 30 years.


B’laster has since enjoyed exponential growth. Consolidating their inventory under Pipeline has provided better cost and supply control, eliminating production delays. By warehousing remotely, B’laster has been focused on increasing production capacity at their existing location without the need – and million dollar expense – of expanding their existing facilities.