Closing Tool Repair and Loan

Closing Tool Repair and LoanClosing tools need to be maintained in top condition to ensure UN certified packaging – specifically, CFR49 – standards are upheld. Wear and tear will take its toll on any tool. What is your company’s plan when a closing tool needs fixed?

Pipeline Packaging can evaluate your closing tools. If a tool fix is required, send it to us for repair. We can even loan a replacement tool to your packaging department.

UN Closing Instructions

CFR49 requires that closing instructions be provided for UN-rated pails and their corresponding lids/closures. Cleveland Steel Container Corporation offers a comprehensive set of instructions, available for download.

Download: UN Closing Instruction Manual by Cleveland Steel Container Corporation

People at the Core of Closing Tool Repair and Loan

With 25+ years of experience, we understand that people make products, services, companies and brands successful. Let our proactive approach, timely communication and genuine concern for your success be a part of a winning strategy for you and your company.

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