Sustainable Packaging

Environmentally Conscious Packaging Is Always an Option

Sustainable packaging is a cost effective and easy strategy to decrease a company’s carbon footprint. For approximately the same cost, packaging can easily be made more eco-friendly by:

  • Reducing virgin material content in favor of post-consumer resins (PCR)
  • Reducing gram weight to decrease fuel/energy consumption and material waste
  • Using packaging/palletizing designs that maximize the number of containers per shipment

The E-Tainer™ Line: An Example of Sustainability

The different E-Tainer products blend design with lightweight options, hybrid resins and corrugated mixes to create a more ecologically smart offering. And the best part: The costs are comparable to existing types of packaging.

The E-Tainer Tighthead features a core of PCR surrounded by virgin resin.

E-Tainer Tighthead:

The new, UN approved E-Tainer multi-layer container, features a core layer of post-consumer resin (PCR) molded between two layers of 100% virgin resin on the interior and exterior surfaces.

E-Tainer Hybrid

E-Tainer Hybrid:

A mainstay of the E-Tainer product line, E-Tainer Hybrid combines a lightweight, rigid, plastic container with a sturdy, corrugated housing.

E-Tainer Kube combining a semi-rigid, collapsible plastic bladder within a sturdy, corrugated housing

E-Tainer Kube:

Combining a semi-rigid, collapsible plastic bladder within a sturdy, corrugated housing, the E-Tainer Kube delivers in-use convenience with less plastic use, reduced storage and reduced transportation cost.

See product specs for E-Tainers and other eco-friendly packaging by visiting our Pails or Cubitainers pages. Choose “Sustainable” in the “Type” dropdown.

People at the Core of Sustainability

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