HAZPlus® Hazardous Material Packaging

Packaging Challenges with Hazardous Materials

HAZMAT standards are exacting, leading some to believe that they need to purchase custom packaging to meet their product’s safety needs. This process can be lengthy and costly, but doesn’t need to be when the product’s UN requirements are known.

Pre-Tested and Certified Single, Composite and Combination HAZMAT Packaging

HAZPlus® represents multiple lines of ready-to-use, UN/ISTA tested and certified packaging. With their own testing facility, HAZPlus® can readily conduct new and re-certification performance tests to ensure continued compliance with HAZMAT standards.

As an authorized distributor for HAZPlus® packaging, Pipeline can provide a variety of quick, turnkey options for your HAZMAT-regulated products. Visit our Product Locator under Bottles, Cans or Pails and select HAZPlus® as the Type to see a few of the available pre-tested/certified packaging combinations.

Choose to receive HAZPlus® packaging fully assembled or flattened to best suit your needs. Packaging that comes flattened will include assembly instructions that must be followed to ensure the UN certification is maintained.

People at the Core of HAZMAT Packaging

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