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Popular in the Health and Beauty as well as the Pet and Vet industries, Pipeline Packaging is happy to offer a variety of HDPE and LDPE tubes.

Please note: Due to the many possible options, our packaging (tubes, pails and tubs, bottles and jars, drums and totes, cans) does not automatically come with any type “stock” closure. Take some time to research any special needs or considerations that may impact your choice. Let us know what type of closure (cap, sprayer, etc.) you are looking for and we can quote it separately for you.

Do you have questions regarding the tubes that you’re looking for? Get in touch with us!

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Visitors: If you are requesting a quote, we ask our customers to respect a $500 minimum order to help keep labor costs  reasonable. Learn more on our FAQ page.

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Thumbnail Material Diameter Min-length Max-length Finish RESET ALL
HDPE5/8"2"4-15/32"16 mm Details Add
LDPE5/8"2"4-15/32"16 mm Details Add
HDPE3/4"2"5-11/32"19 mm Details Add
LDPE3/4"2"5-11/32"19 mm Details Add
HDPE7/8"2"6-16/32"22 mm Details Add
LDPE7/8"2"6-16/32"22 mm Details Add
HDPE1"2-8/32"6-19/32"25 mm Details Add
LDPE1"2-8/32"6-19/32"25 mm Details Add
HDPE1-3/16"2-7/16"6-21/32"30 mm Details Add
LDPE1-3/16"2-7/16"6-21/32"30 mm Details Add
HDPE1-3/8"2-24/32"8"35 mm Details Add
LDPE1-3/8"2-24/32"8"35 mm Details Add
HDPE1-1/2"2-3/4"8"38 mm Details Add
LDPE1-1/2"2-3/4"8"38 mm Details Add
HDPE2"4-1/8"8-1/2"38 mm Details Add
LDPE2"4-1/8"8-1/2"38 mm Details Add


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