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Please note: Due to the many possible options, our packaging (bottles and jars, pails and tubs, drums and totes, cans, tubes) does not automatically come with closures. Take some time to research any special needs or considerations that may impact your choice. We can help if you have questions.

Closures for your containers come in a wide variety: caps, lids, pumps, sprayers, faucets, plugs, capseals and more. Metal or plastic are the most common materials in cap construction. Another common option includes safety features such as screw caps, child-resistant, sealed-for-your-protection and interior tamper proof seals.

How do you determine the correct size and “twist” for your closure? Learn more about cap and neck finishes.

Use the dropdown menus to help locate the closure that you need. Options include:

  • Finish: from 8mm – 110mm “T” dimension and 400, 410, 415, 425, 430, 450 + GPI ranged closures
  • Material: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, Metal, Phenolic or PP closures
  • Style: Brush, Child Resistant, Circumvent, Continuous Thread, Dome, Dropper Tip, Dual Door, Dual Sifter, Fine Ribbed, Flex Spout, Long Tip, No Hole and Regular Tip caps and closures

Do you have questions regarding the closure that you’re looking for? Get in touch with us!

Visitors: If you are requesting a quote, we ask our customers to respect a $500 minimum order to help keep labor costs  reasonable. Learn more on our FAQ page.

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Thumbnail Type Style Material Color Finish Lining RESET ALL
YorkerYorker - No HoleLDPEYellow20-410PS22 Details Add
YorkerYorker - No HoleMDPEYellow38-400PS22 Details Add
CapChild ResistantPPVarious28-400Various Details Add
CapChild ResistantPPVarious38 mmVarious Details Add
YorkerYorker - No HoleMDPEYellow38-400F217G Details Add
YorkerLong tipMDPEYellow38-400F217 Details Add
-Center HolePPWhite38-400- Details Add
YorkerRegular TipMDPEYellow38-400PS22 Details Add
CapBrushPEBlack45 mm- Details Add
CapBrushPEBlack20-400- Details Add
CapBrushPhenolicBlack28-400- Details Add
CapBrushPhenolicBlack28-410- Details Add
CapBrushPhenolicBlack15-425- Details Add
CapBrushPPBlack13/80- Details Add
CapChild ResistantPPVarious38-400Various Details Add
CapChild ResistantPPVarious45 mmVarious Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadHDPENatural70 mm- Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadPPNatural70 mm- Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadMetalVarious70-450Various Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadMetalVarious83-400Various Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadMetalVarious89-400Various Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadMetalVarious110-400Various Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadMetalVarious70-2030Various Details Add
CapContinuous ThreadPhenolicBlack28-400Various Details Add
CapDomePPVarious89 mm- Details Add
CapDropper TipPPVarious8-425- Details Add
CapDropper TipPPVarious20-410- Details Add
CapDropper TipPPVarious15-415- Details Add
CapDropper TipPPVarious13-425- Details Add
CapDual DoorPPWhite53-485Foil Details Add
CapDual Sifter FlapperPPWhite53-485PS22 Details Add
CapFine RibbedPPVarious24-410Various Details Add
CapFine RibbedPPVarious24-414Various Details Add
CapFine RibbedPPVarious28-400Various Details Add
CapFlex SpoutMetal-70 mmPV-TFE 1 Vent Details Add
-Child ResistantPPVarious33-400Various Details Add
-Child ResistantPPVarious22-400Various Details Add
-Continuous ThreadMetalVarious53-400Various Details Add
-Continuous ThreadMetalVarious70-400Various Details Add
-Continuous ThreadMetalVarious1"Various Details Add
-Continuous ThreadMetalVarious1 1/8"Various Details Add
-Chemical Resistant TriggerPPGray28-400- Details Add
-Chemical Resistant TriggerPPNatural28-400- Details Add
-Mini-TriggerPPVarious24-410- Details Add
-TriggerPPVarious28-400Various Details Add
-TriggerPPVarious28-410Various Details Add
-Turret SpoutPPVarious20-410- Details Add
-Turret SpoutPPVarious24-410- Details Add
-DeltaMetal-1" DeltaVarious Details Add
-DeltaMetal-1 1/4" DeltaVarious Details Add


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