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8-1/2”, 11-1/4” and 14” closing tools are available in manual and air operated styles. Closing tools include heat treated, die formed jaws and hardened spring steel pivot pins. Each tool is fully adjustable in both the open and closed positions to accomplish high quality closures. Pneumatic tools are adaptable to counter-balance or spring suspension systems, reducing operator fatigue.

Closing tool repair and loan services are also offered by Pipeline Packaging.

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11-1/4" Manually Operated High Performance910-H-HP Details Add
11-1/4" Manually Operated910-H Details Add
11-1/4" Air Operated High Performance910-A-HP Details Add
11-1/4" Air Operated910-A Details Add
14" Manually Operated912-H Details Add
11-1/4" Light Weight Air Operated910-A-HPLW Details Add
14" Air Operated912-A Details Add
8-1/2" Manually Operated913-H Details Add
8-1/2" Air Operated913-A Details Add


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