Pipeline Packaging Introduces Sustainable Packaging Options for the UN/HAZMAT Market

Glenwillow, OH – August 31, 2014

The E-Tainer Tighthead features a core of virgin resin surrounded by PCR.Pipeline Packaging, the largest US distributor of rigid industrial containers, has partnered with select manufacturers to introduce new, sustainable packaging options to the HAZMAT markets. The new packaging line will allow chemical and coatings manufacturers to address sustainability and source reduction while maintaining UN certifications that are critical to safety during transportation.

This new line, dubbed E-Tainers™, uses a variety of sustainable design strategies, such as:

  • Reducing virgin material content in favor of post-consumer resins (PCR)
  • Reducing gram weight to decrease fuel/energy consumption and material waste
  • Making use of innovative corrugate/plastic hybrid packages to replace plastic components with more eco-friendly, biodegradable paper products
  • Using packaging/palletizing designs that maximize the number of containers per shipment

E-Tainer HybridPipeline’s distribution channels can readily bring sustainable packaging on par with European models, which are significantly more advanced than we enjoy in the US today,” offers Geoff Rupp, VP of Sales at Pipeline Packaging. Rupp furthers, “Sustainable options – in any market – are erroneously perceived to be more costly. It’s simply not true. Many US manufacturers can reduce their ecological impact and packaging costs at the same time by looking at more sustainable options.”

For more examples, please visit our Sustainable Packaging page.

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