People at the Core

People at the Core: Melissa Walsh

Name: Melissa Walsh Melissa Walsh, Inside Sales
Title: Inside Sales Representative
What do you do at Pipeline? Work with customers and prospects in the Southeast US to help solve their packaging needs and keep them fully, appropriately and promptly supplied with containers.
How long have you been with Pipeline? I started in the industry in 2004, then Pipeline acquired our company in 2006. It’s been great working with the same people this whole time and being guided by Pipeline’s CUSTOMERS FIRST philosophy.
Family? 34 years (and counting) of wedded bliss. 3 beautiful children: boy, girl, boy. The older two are out of college and working. My oldest (West Point grad who proudly served our country in Army) is happily married and a father of our only grandchild, 17 month old, fifth generation John. Daughter is a newlywed as of June 2015. The youngest begins college in August. Quite excited to soon be “empty nesters.”
Pets? Two dogs (our 4th and 5th children): a painfully stubborn little mini beagle, Toblerone Bar, Toby for short, and our somewhat dense sweet little French bulldog, Buffa-Loo, Buffy for short (enters & traverses a room like a buffalo).
What do you enjoy about living in Georgia? GA’s climate is very pleasant for most of the year though the humidity in summer is like breathing soup.  Plenty of rivers, lakes, untouched wilderness nearby. Close enough to two coasts to enjoy sun, sand and surf for a weekend. Love the cultural aspects readily available in Atlanta: art, music, shows and festivals. Plus ample sport teams to follow from college to pro. I can be a girly girl, but I’m one of the boys when it comes to football, basketball, baseball and soccer! Great place to raise a family.
Hobbies? Canoeing, most water sports and some winter sports, camping, hiking, all types of fishing (deep sea to fly and everything in between), reading, and bird watching – yep, we keep a journal! Active member in 2 charitable organizations. I collect unusual Santa’s (have nearly 200, only display in Dec). I’m a fanatic for almost any style or material bangle bracelet; love and own well over 100. Since always wearing multiple, I’m told my unique jingle is commonly part of my description.
Pet peeves? Dirty dishes left in sink, but rarely use a dishwasher. Hand washed as child & can’t break habit even though owned dishwasher since age 18. Un-made beds, even make my bed in hotels, maid service loves me! Driving on expressways, hate it & avoid at all costs, even if adds time to drive. True anywhere, but especially in Atlanta – Have you driven the highways here?. Cannot go to a drive-thru that uses a phone to communicate (as unfortunately both our pharmacy & bank have). Will not use those phones, even if raining will go inside instead. They freak me out. Gotta be major germ factories.
Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life? A combination of women has left their imprints on me. My mother, the iconic example of a wife & mother, sheer unconditional love and family before all else except God. My husband’s sisters; none have ever met a stranger and each demonstrates pure unmitigated acceptance of everyone. Blessed Mother Teresa, the very essence of humility and sacrificial service. A real life saint from my own time that I try to emulate as I know I could never duplicate.
Read any good books? I’m literally never without a book (or Kindle). I read every spare minute even while waiting in checkout lines. Enjoy most genres, but particularly the classics (the novels we were forced to read in school), most historical fiction, mysteries, & biographies.
Favorite movie? Any with Tom Hanks, love him as an actor.
Favorite color? Virtually any shade of green
Favorite food? Much to my husband’s amusement, I tend to order like Sally from the movie, “When Harry Met Sally.” I know what I want right then and how I want it. So for me, no such thing as picking just one fave food:

  • Snack: Pistachios
  • Breads: Blueberry or apple scones (warm with clotted cream), my mom’s Irish soda bread (fresh from oven with real butter).
  • Appetizer: Guacamole (from scratch) & chips (heated).
  • Entrée: I’m a surf or turf kinda gal. Love a good medium rare rib-eye or filet mignon (with Bolognese sauce), lamb stew (grandma’s recipe), bangers & mash (grandpa’s version), grilled grouper (almond crusted), soft shell crab (sautéed), or Florida stone crab (classic steamed).
  • Sides: Colcannon is a fave, but actually low maintenance for sides, enjoy literally anything except rutabagas & rhubarb! (Cringe!)
  • Dessert: Key lime pie (flaky crust, Florida Key West recipes are best), cheesecake (classic New York style), or tiramisu (must melt in your mouth).
  • Beverage: Still water no ice with lime, a pint of Guinness (draft is best), a finger or 2 of Irish whiskey neat (Redbreast 15-year fav), a snifter of Armagnac (Chabot VSOP for any day, Chabot 20 yr or 30 yr for special).
What is something that you think no one knows about you? I’m a Formula 1 racing fan. Favorite teams are Williams and Mercedes because have my favorite drivers, Valtteri Bottas (yum!), Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.  Enjoy Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta in October. Someday would love to go to the Monaco Grand Prix.
What would you want other people to know about you? Because of my life’s experiences, my personal motto is “Carpe Diem.” I believe every day is special, a precious gift, and every person has good in them. Value every minute of the time you’re given and never take the people you know for granted, especially the ones you hold dear.
What 1 word best describes you? Really a tossup between eccentric and vivacious.  Two sides of same coin, so to speak.
What do you enjoy most about working with Pipeline? Interacting with so many diverse people, especially as one of the People at the Core.