People at the Core Go Green with Recycling

Pipeline's People at the Core Go Green with Recycling

Pipeline Packaging joins with other companies to help create a more sustainable workplace and community.

Glenwillow, OH – April 22, 2013

Earth Day held special significance for Pipeline Packaging’s 11 offices. A new recycling program was introduced to decrease the ecological footprint of the rigid packaging distributor.

Mary Dahl, Pipeline’s president, explains that, “In the interest of taking care of our environment… our goal is to become a more sustainable company… [collecting] scrap plastics, metals, office paper, cardboard and shrink wrap.” Pipeline Packaging’s Core Services department created recycling bins from scrap plastic pails. Every Pipeline employee now has one at their desk to dispose of recyclables. The Pipeline-owned warehouses also have dedicated recycling areas.

The rigid packaging industry is surprisingly eco-friendly by nature. Steel, plastic and glass packaging manufacturers typically recycle their scrap to recapture material losses. Distributors, retailers and consumers, however, have traditionally been slow to recycle finished packaging goods.

Red Recycle Pail

Pipeline re-used red scrap pails to create recycling bins for each of their people.

Dahl finishes, “Pipeline looks forward to reporting on the amounts of scrap material it keeps from landfills. The response from all of our offices has been wonderful and affirms my belief that we really have People at the Core.

Pipeline Packaging (, a subsidiary of Cleveland Steel Container Corporation, is the largest US distributor of industrial rigid packaging and an upcoming resource in the consumer packaging market. Founded in 1988, Pipeline has grown to 11 offices and over $100MM in sales. Its success is attributed to a dedicated, people-centric vision that unites the best industry talent and respected manufacturers with a commitment to always consider the “CUSTOMERS FIRST.”

Pipeline Offices: Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Des Moines, IA; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; Oyster Creek, TX

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