People at the Core

People at the Core: Camee Bruner

 Camee Bruner: Customer Service Representative
Name: Camee Bruner
Title: Customer Service Representative
What do you do at Pipeline? I process and track all orders for two Account Managers, one in Dallas and the other in Houston.
How long have you been with Pipeline? One year.
Family? Husband of 20 years. 5 children aged 36 to 18. 11 grandchildren ranging from 18 down to 6 months.
Pets? Sissy, a dog that wandered into our lives 4 years ago. Her name fits her personality to a tee!
What do you enjoy about living in Texas? I’ll love Texas forever and ever! Born and raised here. Huge variety of landscapes, people and wonderful weather.
Hobbies? Gardening, bird watching and long rides on our Fatboy Harley Davidson motorcycle.  Cooking with my husband and girls while enjoying a glass of wine.
Pet peeves? Toilet paper on the rack rolling from underneath. It should always roll from the top. This includes paper towels.
Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life? My husband and father. Both have more patience than I do and are quick witted.  They know no strangers and are very outgoing.
Read any good books? I like to look at the pictures but I do not read the articles. Does People Magazine work?
Favorite movie? I have several favorites but they always seem to be “feel good” movies. No violence, no bad language, etc. You just walk away feeling good!
Favorite color?  Yellow, Yellow, Yellow and Yellow
Favorite food?  Pepperoni Pizza
What is something that you think no one knows about you? I am actually very shy around people I do not know and a creature of habit.
What would you want other people to know about you? I pride myself in the accomplishments I have made in my life.
What 1 word best describes you?  Industrious
What do you enjoy most about working with Pipeline? The employees and customers I work with.  I love the family atmosphere.