Infinity Packaging Re-Brands as Pipeline Packaging

Glenwillow, OH – January 5, 2013

Infinity Packaging, a major distributor of glass and plastic packaging in the US Great Plains, has re-branded to join its sister Pipeline Packaging offices found throughout the eastern part of the country. Purchased in March 2012 by Pipeline, Infinity Packaging kept its separate identity until the start of the 2013 year.

“There was simply too much going on to change Infinity’s identity at the time,” opines Mary Dahl, president of Pipeline Packaging. “At the time of the purchase, our company was going through its own renaming and re-branding program. We would have confused our new customers and market by changing Infinity’s name to ‘NorthPak’ and then to ‘Pipeline Packaging’ a few months later.”

Part of the massive changes included the Des Moines, IA, office moving to a new location, pictured.

In addition to the new parent company re-naming, the Des Moines office had to be moved to a larger facility that summer to accommodate future expansion. New software had to be learned along with new operational procedures.

“It was a simple matter of letting the dust clear,” laughs Dahl. “We were asking a lot of our newest team members with all these changes. We wanted to give our people time to acclimate to life at Pipeline before swapping their name. They were definitely grateful that we didn’t throw the re-naming at them while everything else was going on.”

Pipeline’s Director of Marketing, Sean Smith, picks up the story of the transition, “We flew out to both offices at the start of the new year to meet with everyone. Our transition meeting was very casual – an open conversation about the Pipeline brand, what it means to the people within the company and how we advance it within the market.”

Smith furthers, “Our former Infinity people grew excited about a philosophy that they understood well, but had never codified. By switching the brand nine months later, they had time to adjust to a new reality and say, ‘good-bye’ to a name and brand they had worked with for 20 years. It meant a lot to each of them to have that time.”

The people in Pipeline’s new “Great Plains Region” are performing well. Sales are increasing with the added experience, technology and more recognized brand. Steel packaging is being added to their mix while glass is migrating to the offices further east. In all, Pipeline Packaging – old and new – will enjoy a stronger position in their markets.

Pipeline Packaging (, a subsidiary of Cleveland Steel Container Corporation, is the largest US distributor of industrial rigid packaging and an upcoming resource in the consumer packaging market. Founded in 1988, Pipeline has grown to 12 sales offices, 14 warehouses and over $100MM in sales. Its success is attributed to a dedicated, people-centric vision that unites the best industry talent and respected manufacturers with a commitment to always consider the “CUSTOMERS FIRST.”

Pipeline Offices: Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Des Moines, IA; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; Oyster Creek, TX

For additional information, please contact:
Sean Smith, Director of Marketing
Pipeline Packaging