Janitorial/Sanitary Industry

Packaging Challenges and Dirty Secrets

Cost-effective solutions are a challenge to the janitorial/sanitary industry, which experiences significant local competition. Packaging distributors that can offer quick turnaround times aren’t only desirable; they’re a necessity.

Squeeky Clean Janitorial/Sanitary Packaging

Pipeline’s customers in this industry testify that our proactive approach to warehousing and customer communication has been a cornerstone in their success at managing market demands. Let us help determine if just-in-time (JIT) delivery service or shipments direct from the manufacturer is the most cost-effective and beneficial strategy for your company. Our access to a vast range of products can also provide cost-effective or last-minute alternatives to meet your unique needs.

People at the Core of Janitorial/Sanitary Packaging

With 25+ years of experience, we understand that people make products, services, companies and brands successful. Let our proactive approach, timely communication and genuine concern for your success be a part of a winning strategy for you and your company.

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