Health and Beauty Industry

Ugly, Ugly Packaging Challenges

Unique packaging” and “quick turnaround times” are the catch phrases for this industry. Marketing and Purchasing – who don’t always see eye to eye – must work together in the selection of packaging. Who can find the unique packaging design that Marketing craves while maintaining the budget that Purchasing demands?

Healthy Packaging Is Beautiful Packaging

Pipeline can help balance the need for unique packaging with an aggressive budget. We can warehouse your uniquely designed package in one of our warehouses, providing just-in-time (JIT) delivery service to guarantee you have your product when you need it.

People at the Core of Health and Beauty Packaging

With 25+ years of experience, we understand that people make products, services, companies and brands successful. Let our proactive approach, timely communication and genuine concern for your success be a part of a winning strategy for you and your company.

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