Chemical and Oil Industry

Packaging Challenges and Slippery Slopes

Sourcing packaging that is chemically compatible with your product and finding testing facilities are integral to guaranteeing that your packaging meets UN regulations. Pipeline Packaging can easily help simplify the situation by bringing all your UN regulation concerns under one roof.

Chemical and Oil Packaging without the Fireworks

From assisting with chemical compatibility to testing packaging for UN compliance, our packaging engineers can help streamline the process and make the stress of complying with UN regulations go away. Additional services – such as LTL tightheads, shipping and exporting – make Pipeline an ideal partner for you and your product.

People at the Core of Chemical Packaging

With 25+ years of experience, we understand that people make products, services, companies and brands successful. Let our proactive approach, timely communication and genuine concern for your success be a part of a winning strategy for you and your company.

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