Growth Prompts Move of Four Pipeline Packaging Warehouses/Offices

Glenwillow, OH – February 20, 2013

They say that growing pains are a part of life. If so, Pipeline Packaging ( is leading a full life. Having moved three offices and two warehouses in 2012, the rigid packaging distributor is now looking to relocate four offices and warehouses in the coming year.

“With the market upturn in these four location, our warehouses are bursting at the seams,” starts Vice President of Operations, Kevin Martin. “Customers make heavy use of our Core Services such as warehousing and distribution – including LTL, mixed pallets and just-in-time (JIT) delivery. These services require that we carefully consider the space and location of each warehouse. We also have to consider future growth while seizing better rental offers as current leases expire.”

Pipeline Offices to Move in 2013

Pipeline Packaging’s offices in Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte and Cincinnati will all re-locate to larger facilities in 2013.

And it appears that Pipeline Packaging will be seizing several opportunities in 2013. The Nashville office and co-located warehouse are already set to move in March. Five weeks later, Atlanta will enjoy the same migration. The locations in Charlotte, NC, and Cincinnati, OH, are also looking for larger spaces and will likely move in the summer and autumn, respectively.

“These are good pains to have,” smiles Martin, “even if they come in such quick succession. Our inside moving team will get quite a bit of experience before the year is out.” At this point, Martin shakes his head and laughs. When asked about next year, Martin’s eyes grow a bit as he replies, “Let’s take things one office at a time!”

Pipeline Packaging (, a subsidiary of Cleveland Steel Container Corporation, is the largest US distributor of industrial rigid packaging and an upcoming resource in the consumer packaging market. Founded in 1988, Pipeline has grown to 12 sales offices, 14 warehouses and over $100MM in sales. Its success is attributed to a dedicated, people-centric vision that unites the best industry talent and respected manufacturers with a commitment to always consider the “CUSTOMERS FIRST.”

Pipeline Offices: Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Des Moines, IA; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; Oyster Creek, TX

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