Case Study

Custom Ink Bottle and Carboy for Sawgrass Technologies


Being an international provider of printed materials and inks can be a challenge in itself. One example is the difference in printing machinery between the US and Europe. These differences make it challenging to mass produce packaging that will work in all machines. Sawgrass wanted a consistent bottle, but needed to accommodate both US aSawgrass Custom 1-Liter Ink Bottlend European machinery.


Pipeline modeled the new bottle on the European design, but sized for US machinery. The heel of the bottle was designed to securely fit into a cavity within the sublimation printers.

1-Liter Ink Bottle Highlights

  • Extrusion blown HDPE
  • Special 33mm crimp neck finish designed for a rubber stopper/aluminum tamper seal
  • Unique bottle heel design to fit into existing printing equipment
  • Proprietary item… specific product not available for sale to others


Pleased with the unique look and sturdy design, SawgrasSawgrass Custom 5-Liter Carboys asked if Pipeline could tackle another ink package facing quality design issues. The result: a small, proprietary 5-liter carboy that Pipeline also warehouses as a Just-in-Time delivery program.

5-Liter Carboy Highlights

  • Extrusion blown HDPE
  • Dual 38mm neck finishes
  • Can be produced in various colors and gram weights
  • Proprietary item… specific product not available for sale to others