9-Piece Marketing Suite Establishes “People” Brand for Pipeline Packaging

Glenwillow, OH – May 1, 2013

On May 1, Pipeline Packaging’s Director of Marketing, Sean Smith, revealed the ninth brochure in the packaging distributor’s new suite of printed collateral. Glass Packaging will showcase Pipeline’s expertise and flexibility with containers that have a higher perceived value and are a regular commodity in more competitive markets.

Printed collateral is something new to Pipeline Packaging. In fact, the US packaging distributor had no brochures prior to September 2012 when they changed their name and branding from NorthPak. Smith explains the shift in strategy, “It doesn’t matter how brilliant a presentation you give. Four days later, your prospect has forgotten details, including the emotional attachment we try to forge. Brochures are an easy way to keep our name and message in front of customers, prospects and vendors alike.”

Pipeline Packaging Collateral SuiteThe new suite of collateral includes an earth-tone rich, colorful set of six brochures that introduces each of Pipeline’s Core Services:

A bullet-pointed, shopping-list-style Product Directory provides an “at a glance” approach to the individual products Pipeline can access. Finally, a stunning Overview brochure/folder combination introduces Pipeline Packaging, its people, products, services and story.

Smith adds, “One thing unique about our collateral is the photography. These pictures are our people, warehouses, offices and stories. We want customers and vendors alike to know that they don’t work with a company called Pipeline Packaging; they work with some incredible people – the People at the Core. ”

Pipeline Packaging (, a subsidiary of Cleveland Steel Container Corporation, is the largest US distributor of industrial rigid packaging and an upcoming resource in the consumer packaging market. Founded in 1988, Pipeline has grown to 11 offices and over $100MM in sales. Its success is attributed to a dedicated, people-centric vision that unites the best industry talent and respected manufacturers with a commitment to always consider the “CUSTOMERS FIRST.”

Pipeline Offices: Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Des Moines, IA; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; Oyster Creek, TX

For additional information, please contact:
Sean Smith, Director of Marketing
Pipeline Packaging